Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Featured Retailer of the week is...Circle Me of Lincoln, Nebraska!

This week's featured retailer is CircleMECircleME is owned by husband and wife duo Jennifer and Bo!  I got a chance to ask them a few questions and I have shared their answers with you below.

Tell us about yourself and your family, where you live, any hobbies, if you have little ones in cloth diapers, etc.
We are originally from GA. Currently live in Lincoln, NE. Bo is a chiropractor and I take care of the household, and our 2 boys. We love to spend time together with our children and each other. We love our family. Our boys are 4 and 18 months. 1 in cloth diapers. We enjoy each other and close friends.

Tell us about 'Circle Me' and how it came to be that you started a cloth diaper business?  We used cloth from the beginning with our first child. Jen had seen 3 other families by now using cloth so thought why not? After realizing that the only place to purchase hybrids was online….we saw the need to open a brick and mortar for our surrounding area and city. We desire to be resource for families in health care and life choices, so felt as if cloth diaper store would  enhance that overall vision. We prayed and sought advice and felt very strongly about opening up this retail business.

Do you have a physical store or showroom?  Are you online only? Do you offer consultations, demos, deliveries? Any special services?  A physical store. We are not online, yet J We offer consultations, demos, and yes we have delivered before! We offer array of classes and other resources such as birth kits and supplies, birth pool rentals, doula kits and traveling baby registries (we’ll take what you put on your registry to a location so your guests can shop for you on the day of your baby shower)
What's your favorite part about being a cloth diaper retailer and being involved with the industry? Seeing all the amazing creativity God has given so many families in this industry. Cloth diapers change every day!! Also the customers. Watching their eyes light up when they realize that cloth diapering is very doable and very affordable. Then watching them get excited about all the fun options and designs and colors and styles, and…….

What's your favorite style of cloth diaper?  I prefer and hybrid pocket diaper.

From the Leslie's Boutique line of products what is your favorite product and why?  I love her Grab and Go wet bag. It is the perfect size for my diaper bag. All the wet bags are great, and a large is going to be perfect to have this summer while swimming.

What piece of advice would you give to a mom who's getting ready to make the switch to cloth diapers? Call and ask for advice from a trusted source. Do a trial package of different styles BEFORE you make your large investment. If your best friends diaper fits her baby well, it does not mean it will fit your baby well. Buy a wet bag!

Special Offer: Free Shipping on Orders over $75 and 15% off for local shoppers who shop in the store.

Become a Fan of CircleMe on FaceBook for more details and to stay connected.  They're also sponsoring the local Great Cloth Diaper Change so if you're a Lincoln, NE resident make sure you rsvp to attend and help set the World Record for Cloth Diapering!

Also, make sure you check out their Blog, My Natural Family, it's full of tons of great articles and resources!

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  1. I love seeing a store be represented from my hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm looking forward to visiting when I go back in June to see my family. Thanks so much for spotlighting , Circle Me. :)