Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Listen to Leslie: What's the difference between an insert and a doubler?

 Leslie's answering some more of your cloth diapering related questions!

Question:  There are so many types of diapering accessories that it's hard to know what makes one different from the other.  What's the difference between inserts and doublers?  Are they the same thing?

Answer:  Great question and for the most part, cloth diapering accessories are all pretty interchangeable. 

Originally doublers were like thinner versions of an insert, depending upon the brand.  You could add one to your normal diaper and insert and make it more absorbent by stuffing it into the pocket with the insert.

There are also doublers that are made to lay directly in a prefold or fitted and those generally are topped with a stay dry or soft material so as not to irritate babies sensitive skin.

Recently, manufacturers have begun making their inserts with a stay dry top so that it can be used as either an insert, doubler or even just laid inside a diaper cover in lieu of a fitted diaper.  This is convenient and really helps you to make the most of all of your cloth diapers and accessories and makes all the different styles and accessories interchangeable.

So yes, for the most part inserts and doublers are pretty similar.  You can determine which you like to use and how you like to use them in order to meet your baby's specific needs.

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