Thursday, February 10, 2011

Listen to Leslie: What do I need to know about reusable baby wipes?

Question:  Since using cloth diapers it has become more and more inconvenient to use disposable wipes.  What do I need to know about using cloth wipes and where do I start?

Leslie's Answer: Great question!  Using disposables is a definite inconvenience when you're using cloth diapers.  Faced with having to take your soiled diapers home to wash or storing them until wash day means that at the end of each diaper change you're left with a handful of soiled disposable wipes and there isn't always a place to dispose of them.

First thing to know about cloth wipes is that they're pretty versatile.  You can use two-ply flannel, single ply, cotton terry, velour, washcloths and more.  You can make your own or check with your favorite cloth diaper retailer for some of the popular brands.

You can use them as diaper wipes, wet wipes at feeding time, family cloth, reusable napkins and more!

Second, you need to know that without all those preservatives used in pre-moistened disposables you're not going to be able to store your moist cloth wipes for very long without mildew setting in.

Try either keeping a spray bottle to moisten them as needed or only moisten enough for one day at a time.

Third, you can use something as simple and as inexpensive as tap water, or you can use your favorite cloth wipe solution or bum spray.  Some popular brands include, Baby Bum Drops, BumGenius Bottom Cleaner, Kissaluvs Diaper Potion Lotion, and Thirsties Booty Luster.

Wipe solutions can already come in a spray form or in a glycerine form which you can dissolve in warm water before use.

Fourth, you'll need to get more than a few.  My opinion is that two dozen is a good amount to start.  You'll be pleasantly surprised that when you used to use 2,3,4 disposable wipes per diaper change, with cloth wipes you'll probably only need one!

Lastly, cloth wipes are convenient because they reduce the amount of waste produced and they can just be tossed into your wetbag with your soiled cloth diapers and washed all together!

They're that easy to use so there's no excuse for you not to make the switch today!

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  1. I have such an eclectic collection of cloth wipes! A few from a sale here, a few from a blog grab there.. I've made my own as well. I love doing 100% cloth! I'll never understand why some CDing mamas choose disposable wipes and the hassle of throwing them away instead of just throwing cloth wipes in with the wash!

  2. I just learned about cloth wipes since I started washing my own CDs (I had diaper service before.). What a money savings these are. We use disposable dipes/wipes when traveling, but at home we just use cloth diapers, so cloth wipes just make sense. My favorites so far are the flannel/minky velour combo.