Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ever wondered what's with that darn fleece patch?

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I love my Leslie’s Boutique Wet Bags. I’ve tried other bags and I don’t know if I have a little stink monster or what, but these bags are the only ones that hold in her stink. I marvel at how well made they are. The inside fabric is durable and doesn’t leak or anything. It does it’s job: it holds in pee and stink.

But for the past year, I couldn’t quite get past what I considered to be the one flaw of my Leslie’s bags: the darn fleece tag. On the inside of the zipper there is this small square of white fleece fabric that has no words or print on it. It’s just…..there.

I didn’t get it, for a company that was so smart to make such a high quality product, why would they chose to have their company tag be a random piece of fleece without their company name or anything on it? What good would it serve them?

I thought about this literally EVERY time I opened the wet bag, completely perplexed by my random fleece square.

Then, when it came time for me to purchase my THIRD product from Leslie’s Boutique (a pail liner), I saw this neat little comment about a fleece swatch that you can dot essential oils on to make the pail liner smell good. Then it hit me. “Aaaaah so THAT’S what that little patch was for!”

Now I am obsessed. I get excited every time I get to pick out a new “fragrance” for my pail and wet bags. One day it is orange and tea tree, another day it is lavender, another day mint. I love the combinations now. My husband takes his baths right next to our diaper pail and doesn’t notice any of our stink monster’s funk.
I guess I have Leslie’s Boutique to thank for that…and that darn white patch.

All right, has anyone else had this embarrassing realization? Come on, make me feel better here, maybe you didn’t spend a year obsessing over it, but did you at least scratch your head for a second?

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  1. This has been driving me nuts for 2 years! When I seen your post I clicked on it as fast as I could to figure out what that patch was for :) You are not alone! Thanks for the great post :)

  2. Well jeez, I have been dealing with a Whamies bag that I am NOT in love with at all. Now I'm gonna have to order one of these. If your hubby can bathe right next to it, there has to be something to this. We have out pail in a bathroom that only my 7 year old is brave enough to walk in to. And yes, I feel bad for that. Poor kid has to brush his teeth next to an amonia saturated garbage pail filled with the dirty diapers of his lil bro and sis. YUCK! Time for an upgrade I think.