Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Leslie's Pail Liners, A must have diapering accessory!

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Pail Liners: They’re not just a luxury, they’re a necessity!

When you’re making the switch to cloth there seem to be a lot of things you need in order to cloth diaper with confidence and with ease.  Sometimes there is so much stuff that you need that you end up overlooking some of the most obvious necessities.

Pail Liners can be deceiving, not all things that come in cute packages or prints are luxury items, some are a cloth diapering must have.  Leslie’s Boutique Pail Liners are no exception.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that Leslie’s Pail Liners provide you with the best of both worlds, a touch of style in the form of cute prints to meet your needs, combined with quality design, materials and workmanship.
  • Designer fabric topped liners provide that extra bit of style to match your babes nursery, bedroom or bathroom.  Plus, our fabric disguises that unsightly elastic that can be prone to showing wear and staining.
  • Convenient handle turns our pail liners into extra large wetbags, doorknob bags, travel totes and more!  Just grab and go, it’s that easy!
  • Large Capacity! (Measure 23x52)  Leslie’s pail liners are designed to fit in most standard garbage cans or pails and can hold up to 24+ diapers before needing washing.
  • Interior fleece pouch designed to perfectly hold your favorite pail freshener like the deodisk, or a few drops of your preferred essential oil.  This feature ensures you pail liner will stay fresh smelling and combat those funky odors.
  • Easy to launder!  Simply toss in with your towels and wash or conveniently wash with your cloth diaper laundry.  Since our fabric topped liners protect the elastic, you won’t have to worry about aplix from your diapers snagging it and making your pail liner ugly! *Just remember, no fabric-softener!
So don’t forget your Pail Liners ladies!  They make cloth diapering so much easier and you won’t have to worry about unnecessary waste in the form of garbage bags for your diaper pail or having to wash out your pail when soiled diapers leak out.

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