Thursday, January 27, 2011

How important are cute diapers, really?

Are you crazy for cute diapers?

Seems like every week there's a new brand releasing a new print, color or style.  But really, how important is it to you that you have the latest and greatest colors and prints on the market?  Do you feel like you just have to have one of each in order for your stash to be complete? Or are you more of a function over style type of mama?

I've always been curious as to what mamas are thinking and how deep their addiction to fluff really goes.  Personally I've been there. I've owned diapers that were so cute yet barely functional.  That's not to say that you can't have the best of both worlds with some brands but sometimes you just know what sort of sacrifice you're making when you purchase a diaper.

And how much are you willing to spend on these divine diapers?  I remember when the Goodmama craze began and hand dyed velour diapers were selling at auction for over a hundred dollars each, and they weren't even waterproof!  All the mamas drooled but not all were willing to take the plunge.  Some even purchased them but never used them, simply owned and adored them for a while and then re-sold them like a hot commodity.

So my inquiring mind would like to know.  What's the most you've spent on a diaper?  How important is it to you to have cute diapers?  Do they really need to be functional and reliable or are you willing to accept that they might only be able to be left on for an hour?

Please share your experience and thoughts, we'd love to see where you all stand on this hot topic!



  1. For me, it's more about the functionality of a diaper. In my opinion, if something doesn't work efficiently, it's not worth having. Same thing goes for diapers. If it's leaky, doesn't hold up in the wash, etc. it's not worth having no matter how cute it is.

    But, it does help if it's cute. If a diaper is well-made and does its job well and it happens to also be a slightly more expensive diaper, it had better also be cute. Cheap and ugly is fine as long as it works, slightly more expensive but works well had better also be darn cute. The most I have ever been willing to spend on a diaper is $26.

  2. I agree with Andrea G... function is the most important. However, once I found the brand I liked the best - I can't get enough of the cute prints! They keep me excited about cloth diapering. I know you don't see them underneath the clothes, but I see them everytime I change them, when I wash them, and then when putting them together to put in the diaper drawer. Also, when other people see them, I always get comments on how cute they are! Do you ever get comments on sposies being cute? No!