Monday, May 16, 2011

Listen to Leslie: What are the benefits and/or disadvatages to choosing all AIO diapers?

Our Listen to Leslie post are intended to help cloth diapering families find solutions and answers to some of their most common frequently asked questions regarding cloth diapering.  If you have a question you'd like to see covered in future post please share it as a comment below.

Question:  I'm new to cloth diapering and considering purchasing a cloth diaper stash of all AIO diapers.  I'd like to know your thoughts on the benefits and disadvantages of choosing AIO's?

Answer:  Welcome to cloth diapering!  There is quite a bit to know about the different types of cloth diapers so first let's discuss what an AIO is.  An AIO is the most similar form of cloth diaper to a disposable diaper, in terms of ease of use and functionality.  They are exactly as their name describes, an All In One diaper.

All-In-One diapers are waterproof, have built in absorbency and easy to use closure style.  Just as easy to use as a disposable.

There's no stuffing required, no extra pieces, and they're great for babysitters, daddies, and daycares.  When you take the diaper off the baby you simply wash, dry and it's ready to wear again.

The drawbacks to using an AIO or having an all AIO stash are...

Sometimes the built-in absorbency ends up not being enough for your childs needs.  You'll either need to purchase doublers to use inside the diapers to make them more absorbent, or purchase Pocket AIO's so that you can stuff the added insert or doubler inside the diaper instead of just laying it in.

AIO diapers also take much longer to dry.  Since these diapers are "all-in-one" and do not come apart into separate pieces, they retain moisture and often take longer than just one dryer cycle to dry.  They are also not ideal for line drying unless the conditions are just right.

Because they can take longer to dry they are more prone to mildew and stinkies.  They will frequently seem dry although inside they are not and when not dried in a sufficient amount of time they can develop odor issues.

AIO diapers are also not as available in Onesize options as their Pocket Diaper relatives.  There are some Onesize AIO's, but generally AIO's are sized diapers and you'll need to buy the next size up when your little one outgrows the size they're in.

AIO's are great diapers and I do recommend everyone have at least some in their stash for convenience.  Each person has different needs so it's important to weigh the benefits and disadvantages before investing in all one kind of diaper.

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