Thursday, March 10, 2011

Listen to Leslie: Sized Diapers vs. Onesize Diapers, What are the pros and cons?

The onesize vs. sized diaper debate is a good one.  There are definite pros and cons for both.  So this weeks question is a very good one and I will try to shed a little light on the topic.

Question:  Do onesize diapers really fit newborns?  Why would it be better to buy onesize over sized diapers or vice versa?

Answer:  There are many benefits to both types of cloth diapering options.  Many people buy onesize diapers because they want to save money and not have to purchase different sizes of diapers.  Or they might buy onesize diapers because they have more than one child in diapers and they like being able to use the same diapers with both children.  These are very good and legitimate reasons for choosing onesize over sized and families who choose them for this reason are usually willing and wanting to overlook the drawbacks.

The benefits of using sized diapers are that on a tiny baby, especially a newborn, you'll be able to get a better fit with less bulk.  With the onesize diaper on the smallest setting for newborns, it will be really puffy and bulky and and you might find that your newborns clothing may not fit, you might have to buy the next size up, especially in denim or non-stretchy fabrics.

You might also experience leaking diapers if the onesize doesn't fit properly.  Most onesize diapers fit from 7 or 8 through 35-40lbs.  We all know that not all newborns weigh 7-8 lbs and some are skinny while others are total chunkers.

Another thing to consider is that if you plan on using onesize diapers from birth through potty training in order to save money, then most likely they'll be totally worn out by the time you're done with them and may not be suitable for use on future children.

With sized diapers, since your little one will outgrow them, they will have gotten less use and be in better condition in order to be saved for future babies to come.

There are definite benefits to both, everyone's preferences and priorities are different, so there's not just answer as to which kind would work better for you or your babe.

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  1. I love my sized diapers, I have had some of them for almost 3 years, I love the trim fit I get with my FuzziBunz and not having to adjust anythig to get it to fit a different child, i just make sure to grab the right size.