Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What were your very first cloth diapers?

I thought it would be fun to discuss our very first cloth diapers?  Can you remember yours?  I bet you do!

My very first cloth diapers were a mix of MommysTouch OS and FuzziBunz sz Medium pockets which were all well worn but still in decent shape.  I remember when I first decided to try cloth, I was being coached by a couple moms from my 'moms of multiples' message board and one mom said she'd sell me some so that I could try them.

I didn't request photos, I knew and trusted the mom, and I trusted that the price she set was appropriate as well.  I remember approaching my husband "Honey, we're about to run out of disposable diapers and I think I'd like to try cloth..."  He agreed but when I told him we'd have to buy them he reacted as if he'd thought I was going to make them appear out of thin air! Men!  So he ended up agreeing AND understanding, and my cloth diaper addicted friend sent the package.

I checked the mailbox multiple times a day, stalked the mailman, and worried that the package was just NEVER going to get here.  That seemed like the longest 3-4 days ever!

When the package finally arrived I was ecstatic.  The diapers were great, of course at that time I had never had new diapers or inserts so I had nothing to compare them to, but they looked good to me.

I immediately put the boys into the new diapers, I know, I totally should have washed them first but they looked and smelled clean and I was in a hurry to try them.  OK, who am I kidding, I was in a hurry to put them in the diapers and take pictures...of course!  (The photo I am including in this post is one of the photos from my first day cloth diapering with my very first cloth diapers ever.)

And so began my addiction to cloth diapers.  The handful of pocket diapers I had bought lasted me less than a couple hours due to having two babies in cloth and I think I may have washed and dried them 2-3 times that day just so I could keep using them.

So that's it, the next day I was online arranging the details of my next fluffy purchase!

Do you remember your first diapers?  Were you instantly addicted like I was?  I'd love for you to share your stories and comments.



  1. My first cloth diapers were Kushies Aio's. They worked really well for us for the first few months we cloth diapered. Then I started branching out and bought some thristies aio's. I got some bg's ffs. I still have those original diapers, but don't use them. My stash is now mostly BG 3.0s, 4.0s and Elementals. I have moved my thirsties to be my upstairs diapers and use them regularly. I have way too many diapers (I also have a while bin of fitteds that I used with my daughter and loved, but don't use with my son. They are very girly, and I love all my BGs.)

  2. My very first cloth diapers were mother ease one size with air flow covers we still use them now and they are my go to diaper for my daughter... we have never had a leak besides not tucking the diaper in the cover... We use them,kawaii and some kushies old style but the mother ease are my favorite

  3. Its been exactly 2 months since I made the switch. It seems like a life time ago we were using disposables. It didn't take long to get comfortable cloth diapering at all. Our first cloth diaper was BG 4.0. I purchased 6 new from a diaper party. I could't wait for them to arrive in the mail. Come to find out they mixed up the shipping and all my diapers went to the hostesses house. So as soon as they arrived at her house I was in my car and off to claim my diapers. I immediately went home snapped a few pictures of my new fluff and popped em in the wash. Unfortunately it was too late in the afternoon for them to be ready for my DD to wear. So I patently waited till the next day to try them on her. First thing in the morning when my DD woke up, I grabbed the cloth diaper and put it on her. She seemed pleased with her new diaper, so much so she started cleaning out her dresser cabinet tossing all the pampers on the floor lol. (Here are a few picts below.) I love the cloth diaper and I dont plan on using disposables again unless absolutely necessary.



  4. I started with prefolds and then used a few thirsties before falling in love with goodmamas.

  5. Mine were some hand-me-down Gdiapers. I really like the idea of using cloth to save money, the environment, and it's better on your baby's bum! I then went to a cloth diaper party by Diaper Parties from Everything Birth. I was HOOKED! I actually became a rep right after that and host my own cloth diaper parties now!
    We use a combo of several diapers including Fuzzibunz, Happy Heinys, Econobums and Bamboo Baby.

  6. I started with the bgos 3.0 and some 2.0, i bought them from a lady i knew. And I was just like you I want to get her in one asap and take a pic so I didnt wash them either lol. I putthem on her and omg the next day I was looking up all the other options I had in the cding world!!! ;)

  7. Our very first cloth diapers were Kissaluvs 0's and Bumkins AIO's.....Now I sew diapers for my little ones.

  8. My first ones were a mix of g-diapers and some second-hand bumgenius AIO's. I loved the fit and performance of the gdipes but hated that my babe outgrew them so quickly, and their cloth inserts weren't available yet so I was using some WAHM ones that were quite bulky. The BG AIO's took forever to dry and it was really hard to get them smelling fresh. After my babe outgrew those too, I bought one size fuzzibunz and then won six more, and then got a bunch more for a great deal. I love the FB's for days, but we're still struggling with nighttime solutions.

  9. My first cloth diapers were Fuzzibunz Onesize. My mother-in-law saw a post I made on facebook about wanting to try cloth diapers for my new baby boy. She was excited too because she bought me a cloth diaper package with 18 Fuzzibunz, a diaper sprayer, a wet bag, and cloth wipes!! It was awesome of her and I still use all those diapers on my now 6 month old son.

  10. My first diapers were a rumparooz OS and a BG elemental. I still have them and love them!