Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wetbags are a cloth diapering mama's best friend!

After many years in the cloth diapering industry there is one thing I hear over and over again, a wetbag is a moms best friend! 

To a new mom and especially a mom new to cloth, the wetbag is most commonly the forgotten accessory.  You're at home, you're learning how to use cloth diapers, trying all your options; inserts, fasteners, pockets, laundry tabs...you're feeling frazzled.

Through trial and error you are developing your routine, figuring out what works best for you, what style of diapers you want to use, how to wash, etc.

Next it's time to make your first trip with cloth diapers.  You stick some pre-stuffed pockets or your preferred diaper of choice into your diaper bag and you're off! 

Fast forward to diaper changing time...You unpack your bag, lay down the baby, get your clean diaper ready and then...You have a smelly poopy diaper in hand and you realize that you have no where to put it.  You scan the scene, no baggies, no nothing!  It dawns on you, you never bought a wetbag!  You thought they were a frivolous accessory, a luxury item not a necessity.  What's worse, you may not be using cloth wipes yet so not only do you have no where to store your dirty diapers, you need a separate bag to store your disposable wipes unless there's a garbage nearby.

I'm sure that more of you can relate to this scenario then I can even imagine.  Sure you can keep some plastic grocery bags in your car or in your diaper bag but they're ugly, they're not reusable, and they only create more waste.  What's worse?  When you store your cloth diapers in plastic baggies, they're more likely to be forgotten about, develop mold and mildew and even...get thrown away with the trash by accident!

This is why wetbags are important!  Not only are they cute and stylish, they're completely practical and can be washed WITH your cloth diapers!  They're a cloth diapering accessory that once you own one, or two or three...you can't live without them!

Our wetbags come in a variety of sizes and prints and can be found in stock and purchased through our great retailers.  Want to locate a retailer?  Click here and visit our Retailer Page locate a retailer near you!


  1. My favorite thing is a wet/dry bag, who needs a diaper bag, store all your diapering accessories and clean diapers in the dry pocket and all dirty ones in the conveniently attached wet bag.

  2. i definitely need to get a wetbag just started cloth diapering my dd is allergic to sposies and the only thing i have are 9 diapers i def need to invest in a wetbag.. any other tips would be great!

  3. Thanks for explaining the purpose of wetbags. I had no idea that diapers mould easier in plastic bags than they do in wetbags!

  4. I want one of these! They're definitely way cuter than plastic bags!