Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top 4 Reasons Why Families Choose to Cloth Diaper!

Families choose to use cloth diapers for a lot of different reasons.  What's the most important reason to some may not even be on the list of reasons for others.

Cloth Diapers are cute but...The cuteness factor is not generally one of the reasons to use cloth, it's more of a bonus.  Although some families don't even consider cute diapers, they consider diapers for practical reasons regardless of whether they're cute.

The Top 4 Reasons to use cloth are...

1.  Health: Ever heard of Dioxin?  The EPA calls this carcinogenic toxin "the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals."  Banned in most countries but the USA, Dioxin is a biproduct of the production of paper used for disposable diapers and trace amounts of it are found in disposables.

Regarding heat, because disposable diapers are so good at doing what they're supposed to do, which is be left on a baby or child regardless of how full or soiled the diaper for as long as possible without leaking.  This means that male babies are left in a diaper filled with a non-breathable gel-like substance that heats with the bodies temperature for extended periods of time which interfere with the scrotums ability to self-cool.  This can impact a males reproductive and testicular health.

2.  The Environment:  Billions and billions of disposable diapers are used each year in the US alone.  Estimates for the break down and complete decomposition of a disposable diaper range in the amount of 200-500 years per diaper.  Plus, products like the Diaper Genie and others, encapsulate each dirty diaper within a plastic wrapping which is then also put inside your standard garbage bag, further lengthening the decomposition process.

The effects on our environment can and will be devastating, especially considering all the precious and valuable natural resources used in the production of disposables and the caustic effects due to the chemicals produced during their production.

There's no denying that at the rate we produce and dispose of these diapers, the future looks grim.

3.  Sensitivity & Rash Issues:  Diaper rash and other skin issues definitely make the list of the top reasons why families switch to cloth and other more natural alternatives to disposables.  Rashes are all too common and regardless of all the chemicals used in disposables that are meant to keep baby dry, the rashes and issues still plague many families for many reasons.

Chemical-free and composed of soft and natural fibers, cloth diapers come in a variety of styles and materials to suit a families needs.  From cotton, to microfiber, hemp and bamboo, white, natural, wool, you name it.  There are a variety of options to try and many natural and comfortable ways to diaper babies besides disposables.

4.  Financial Reasons:  Cloth diapers can save you a ton of money over disposables.  Real Diaper Association estimates that it will cost an average family at least $1600 to diaper a single child for two years.

To cloth diaper a child, a family could invest as little as $300 for the most economical options, up to $1000 for the organic and more natural fiber options.

With the rise of the onesize diapers comes even more savings.  Now families can diaper their children with the same size diapers for multiple children and even save them for future children.

On top of the already money saving cloth diapering options comes the fact that cloth diapers, if well maintained, can be re-sold after use to re-coup at least half of your initial investment.  Now that's a great reason to cloth diaper if I ever did hear of one!

So that's it in a nutshell, the top reasons why families cloth diaper or why you should consider using cloth diapers.  So were these some of your reasons?  We'd love to hear from you!  Leave us a comment.  :)


*For more detailed facts and information visit the Real Diaper Association website.


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    Thank you,

  2. I chose it for financial reasons. The others were perks.

  3. I switched for cost reasons and stayed for ease of use, health of children, no chemicals! and the cute colors.

  4. I'm a new mama to cloth diapering. My daughter turned 1 Jan6th and I'm ordering my dipes Feb8th. I wish I had cd from her birth but the start up cost just was budget friendly at the time. I've found some real budget friendly dipes and I'm going for it. I choose to cd to see some save some money this year and helping the environment is always a plus.