Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick Start Guide to Switching to Cloth Mama Pads!

This post will give you the rundown, quick, brief and to the point, on how to use cloth mama pads and how easy they really are!

You might think at first that cloth mama pads would be too inconvenient, a chore, and frankly kind of gross.  But this is not the case.  There are many benefits to using mama cloth besides it just being a "greener" option.

First thing you need to do is purchase some mama pads to try.  Not unlike cloth diapers, you might want to purchase a couple of each style, length or thickness just so that you can determine what kind you need and what kind you prefer.

Second,  you're going to need a small bag or mama cloth wetbag to keep in your purse, diaperbag or handbag, to store the dirty pads after you change them when you're out and about.  Most pads come with a way to fold them up before putting them into your mama cloth bag which makes them less of a mess and more convenient to use.

Third, you need to know how to wash and care for them.  Don't leave them in the wetbag too long if you've used some while you're out.  If you can, soak them before wash day to loosen any debris and prevent stains.  Keeping them soaking until wash day is an option, or you can soak just prior to washing.  Plain water works just fine for soaking.  If you do not want to soak or do not have anywhere or enough time to soak them, you can simply rinse them.

Fourth, you wash them!  If you've pre-soaked or rinsed them well then they do not necessarily need another rinse, that is up to your judgement.  You can simply throw them in the wash with your towels and linens or wash with your family cloth, cloth wipes, etc.  Some women even just throw them in with their cloth diapers to wash.

Last, drying.  Cloth pads take nearly no time at all to dry.  As with cloth diapers you do not need nor should you use fabric softener.  If you dry them in the dryer try to take them out when they are ready, leaving them in longer than necessary uses unnecessary electricity and adds wear and tear.

For stains, try sunning them!  Peroxide has also been used with some success and has helped reduce the appearance of stains.

So that's it!  It's that easy to use mama cloth.  Give it a try today!



  1. Great post! I've been interested in trying mama cloth and hope to make the switch soon! Not having AF now, since I'm still breastfeeding my 6 month old, but maybe that will give me time to get ready! Do mama cloth pads also have to be prepped for absorbancy like some cloth diapers do?

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I have been thinking about switching to mama cloth but I have been so focused on cloth diapers for my LO that is just hasn't been a priority. I think I will invest with some of my tax money. Thanks!

  3. Great post timely post. I was just looking in to these yesterday! Very helpful info!

  4. Erin - as most Mama Cloth are made with fabric that is commonly available in the fabric store, a single wash, if any, should be all they need before using.

  5. Some of these are really cute! I have been considering the switch.

  6. I love the prints! Maybe I will have to get over my fears and give them a try!